19 janvier 2004

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Categorizing blogs (comments) (Apophenia)
"I've been doing some thinking lately about blog genres, to see how they might translate into other media. I can't afford to go to ETech so I'll post it here. So far I've come up with:
1) "Hotlink" blogs. Perhaps the original blog genre, links to stuff that is cool or interesting in the eye of the blogger. Boing Boing is a good current example.
2) "Diary" blogs. I think LJ falls into this genre. A lot less emphasis on crosslinking/syndication.
3) "Journalism" blogs. People engaged in a venture of some sort, chronicling it for the world.
4) "Editorial" blogs. These bloggers like to pontificate on issues of the day. A lot of the "war blogs" fall into this category.
5) "Narrative" blogs. These are the rarest, I think. Fiction or humor blogs."

Je pense que Douze Lunes est un "hotlink blog", c'est du moins comme ça que j'aimerais qu'il soit, mais comme chacun sait, il y a loin de la coupe aux lèvres et mes links ne sont pas très "hot".
[via L'oeil de Mouche]

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