10 janvier 2004

:: 100 things

Je suis passé à coté des 100 other things to do this year, du Guardian, il y en a quelques unes qui me semblent tentables:
2 Revise enemies list. Consider making up with any foes you have failed to vanquish thus far.

8 Chuck out all your old opinions. It doesn't hurt to start afresh every once in a while. For the first few weeks of the year, your only contribution to any conversation should be the word "huh". Eventually you will form brand new opinions based on the abject stupidity of other people's opinions.

31 Abandon all use of any of the following phrases, or any variations or puns based on them: cheese-eating surrender monkey, weapons of mass destruction, shock and awe.

32 Increase your debt load. If you happen to have some debt already, don't do a thing; it will get bigger all by itself.

39 Memorise the names of the 10 nations that will join the EU on May 1: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Now with your eyes closed.

59 Get down on your knees and ask God just what the hell He thinks He is playing at.

61 Give up cod. There isn't any.

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