17 janvier 2004

:: Kucinich in Iowa

Peace, and Kucinich, Gets a Chance (NYT)
"Mr. Kucinich, a congressman for his native Ohio, is polling in the low single digits nationwide, and is not expected to do much better in tomorrow's Iowa caucuses. But you wouldn't know that here [NdA: Fairfield, Iowa], where he draws hundreds to every public appearance, and where red, white and blue 'Kucinich for President' paraphernalia seems to be part of the town's permanent aesthetic. In local stores, Mr. Kucinich's smiling photo is posted among advertisements for white crane tai chi, Himalayan quartz and houses with eastward-facing entrances. 'This is a Kucinich town, most definitely,' said Gordon Shackelford, a Fairfield resident and Vietnam veteran who counts himself as a Wesley K. Clark supporter. 'He's got this really quirky appeal, and there's plenty of quirky people here.'
Mr. Kucinich, a vegan, who has proposed a cabinet-level Department of Peace, is not a typical candidate. And Fairfield, despite its picturesque town square and fluttering American flags, is not a typical Iowan town. The home of Maharishi University of Management and a center of the Global Country of World Peace, Fairfield and the surrounding area is home to 2,000 practitioners of Transcendental Meditation who began settling there in the early 1970's. "

Cruel! Dans les pages "Fashion & Style" en plus.
Dennis Kucinich est candidat à l'investiture démocrate pour les élections présidentielles aux USA.

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