16 février 2004

:: Pince (sans rire)

La Weekly Review de Harpers Magazine est un petit délice hebdomadaire! Extrait du 10 février:
Attorney General John Ashcroft said that Saddam Hussein's use of "evil chemistry" and "evil biology" justified the war. [Associated Press] (...) The Bush Administration praised Pakistan after General Pervez Musharraf pardoned Abdul Qadeer Khan, the nuclear scientist who took the blame for selling nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea; Khan claimed that no one in the government or in the military was aware of his activities. [MSNBC] Musharraf said that Khan "is still my hero; he is still high in the sky for me." [New York Times] North Korea agreed to resume talks with the United States. [New York Times] The Ohio sniper continued to shoot at cars, and [New York Times] Senator John Kerry continued to win primaries. [Washington Post]...
Et ainsi de suite...! Extra!

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